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I’m Dr. Erika Burns– Violinist and Franklin Method Educator based in the greater Seattle area.

As a teacher, I’m dedicated to helping aspiring students and professional musicians play with confidence and ease. I offer in-person and online violin lessons and Franklin Method sessions for musicians. 

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Healthy and Mindful Ways To Elevate Your Playing.

You deserve a holistic pedagogical approach that prioritizes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being–while continuing to foster expressive excellence and technical fluency. I want you to feel empowered to play with joy, physical freedom, and greater musical understanding.

here's what i do:

Teacher Resources


Holistic pedagogy and musicians wellness resources for private studio teachers and performers to expand their pedagogical toolbox.

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Franklin Method


Learn anatomy, mind-body tools, and gentle exercises to help you play with more ease. Offering somatic movement education workshops and private sessions for musicians. 

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Violin Lessons


Offering beginning, intermediate, and advanced violin lessons in the greater Seattle area and online.

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“Erika’s Franklin Method class didn’t just help the embodiment of mind and body, but it also helped us delve into a deeper connection of our hearts and music. Her ability to create the challenging bridge between movement and sound instantly elevated many of our awareness and therefore our musical performance.” 

Kerry DuWors & Futaba Niekawa, Duo526

To me, successful music-making is healthy, empowered, and joyful music-making. I’m a violinist with over 10 years of professional playing and teaching experience and received my Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Violin Performance in 2021. I teach beginning to advanced violin lessons in Lynnwood, WA and online.

After years of struggling with injuries, I became a certified Franklin Method Educator and now offer movement education and wellness workshops for musicians around the world.

About me


Athletic and Mindful Approaches to Music Teaching

Get my workbook to find out what music teachers can learn about teaching and evaluating movement performance from the world of sports.


Offering Franklin Method workshops, pedagogy presentations, and masterclasses for students, teachers, and professionals. 

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QMD: New Movement-Based Approaches to Teaching

The Latest on the Blog —

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How we can use kinesiology to help violin teachers better evaluate and diagnose movement-related issues in the lesson.

Yehudi Menuhin and the Curse of Expertise

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How great musicians sabotage their teaching, and what we can all do to overcome the curse of expertise.

Rethinking Pain: What if Your Technique is the Culprit?

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How your technique might be causing you pain, and what can violin teachers do about it?

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