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 Enjoy some of my go-to resources for performers and teachers to help you in your wellness journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like myself! 

Musicians' Wellness

Somatic movement
& Exercise methods

Somatic (mind-body) movement methods can be a life-changing resource for performers and teachers. While every somatic method is different, they all take a mindful approach to movement. You might perform stretching, strengthening, or fascial release exercises with a focus on your internal movement experience. The following are all certified methods I’ve experienced and/or recommend for musicians. My advice is to try out different approaches to find out what works best for you! 

Learn biomechanically healthier ways to move using imagery and ball/band exercises. Can be applied to all movements in daily life and other exercise systems! (I’m a little biased, but I believe this is a must-learn method for musicians.)

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One of my favorite ways to work out (both machine and mat versions)! Spiraling movements take your spine through its full range of motion and strengthen your whole body.

Find a Practitioner

I love taking reformer classes to improve strength and flexibility. It’s best to work with a certified teacher–highly recommend going through the Pilates Method Alliance directory or similar national/international associations. 


A classic in the musical world: work with a practitioner in lessons and classes to help improve how you use your body. There is a focus on alignment, breathing, and body mapping to teach anatomical awareness. 

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Fundamental movements are combined with kinesthetic imagery and breathing to improve efficiency and let go of tension. You can practice these gentle exercises on the floor in a class setting or alone with guided recordings.


A movement method for musicians created by Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen. Combines exercises, anatomy, and movement analysis to improve coordination and play with more ease.


I love practicing yoga–it has many benefits, and you can do it anywhere. But finding the right teacher, style, and modifications for your body is important. Click below for violist/movement pro Kayleigh Miller’s advice on developing a healthy yoga practice.


I learned about Essentrics from figure skaters–it’s a fitness workout that emphasizes eccentric muscle contractions, meaning muscles are strengthened as they lengthen. There are classes and videos tailored to all levels of fitness.



Platforms & Practitioners

There are so many wellness platforms and practitioners available to musicians today! I wanted to highlight a few people I follow or have worked with who share great content and/or classes online. As musicians, we benefit from learning more about movement, anatomy, exercise science, nutrition, motor learning, sports/dance pedagogy, etc.

This list will be updated periodically.


Online movement classes, musicians' wellness resources,

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Eva Stern (Forte Movement)

Pilates, Franklin Method, musicians' wellness classes.

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Kayleigh Miller

Movement classes, musicians' wellness resources.

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Dr. Hannah Murray (Active Violinist)

Timani, violin, and musicians' wellness resources.

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Alison Wesley (Movement at Work)

Online yoga, Franklin Method, and movement classes.

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Dr. Stacey Mastrian

Franklin Method for singers.

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Franklin Method, yoga, and embodied dissections.

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Tom Waldron

Franklin Method, Pilates, and biomechanical education.

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Yoga with Adriene

Free yoga classes and themed playlists on YouTube.

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Want to play with more freedom, ease, and body awareness?

Experience the Franklin Method

In a Franklin Method workshop or private session, you’ll learn anatomical imagery, mind-body tools, and ball/band exercises to improve your posture and movement. Workshops explore one part of the body, like the pelvis, spine, or shoulder with practical applications for daily life and activities. If you want more individual attention, sign up for a private Franklin Method session! We take a look at your playing and help you address individual issues with tension and posture. 

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franklin method equipment

Love the Franklin Method Balls and Bands?

You can purchase your own Franklin Method equipment through OPTP in North America. (Looking for an international distributor? Click here.)

There are lots of different sizes, shapes, and textures available for your home practice! I use the smooth orange balls, textured red balls, dimpled green foot balls, and the water-filled Fascia Roll all the time.


Athletic and Mindful Approaches to Music Teaching

Get my workbook to find out what music teachers can learn about teaching and evaluating movement performance from the world of sports.

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